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Time:09:28 am
I love you guys but i think i love myself more..


just kidding - merry valentines day.. or whatever that shit is..

happy birthday z00g!

Ps. Sven Vath rules
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Time:01:08 am
Hey guys,

Back again in 2007, sorry i dropped off the face of the earth for a while, but i'm not going to ignore LJ this year, i have a myspace too - www.myspace.com/ryzieh so add me if you've got some time!

This year i'm going to a) quit smoking (and not become a bitch who tells everyone else to) and b) get fit & sort out my home gym in the garage.

Had a few wicked days at the start of the year - went on a sydney harbour cruise to kick off the new year, got reaaally drunk, and then backed up and partied on for field day, it was totaly wicked - had the best time, then after an hour's sleep went and had my final interview for a new job, and got it!

I'm now working at liverpool, its wicked i get up at 8am and i'm home by 6pm instead of getting up at like 6.30, and getting home at 7pm. Only downside is i have to work weekends, but fuck, who cares really - its not going to stop me having a wicked time out with my mates.

I'm learning to DJ with my mate Altay, he's from germany - has wiiicked records from overseas that i've never heard, every day mixing is like wonderland with him coz its aaaaaalllll so fresh!

Peace out for now guys,
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Subject:I'm as sick as a dog...
Time:03:04 pm
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Current Music:Dial M For Murder - Its late and there's nobody awake
Subject:Best World Cricket Australia Vs. World XI Ever - Authorised by Adam G Hudson & Ryan A Hochkins
Time:11:34 pm
Current Mood:tiredtired
Cricket - Australian Test XI
1. Sid Barnes
2. Arthur Morris
3. Donald Bradman
4. Greg Chappell
5. Steve Waugh
6. Keith Miller
7. Adam Gilchrist
8. Shane Warne
9. Dennis Lillee
10. Ray Lindwall
11. Glenn McGrath

12. Alan Border

Coach: Bob Simpson
Manager: Richie Benaud
Team Physio: David Boon

Australian ODI XI

1. Adam Gilchrist
2. Mark Waugh
3. Ricky Ponting
4. Dean Jones
5. Greg Chappell
6. Steve Waugh
7. Michael Bevan
8. Shane Warne
9. Brett Lee
10. Dennis Lillee
11. Glenn McGrath

12. Andrew Symonds (Super Sub)

Coach: Bob Simpson
Manager: Richie Benaud
Team Physio: David Boon
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Current Music:My fan that goes around and around and around...
Subject:Well Overdue.. Not that any of you care...
Time:12:05 am
Current Mood:tiredtired
Okay - so i haven't had an update in fuck knows how long - so here it is.

I haven't been going out to goth/rock clubs lately. Kind of fallen out of the big fat hairy man scene where they're sweating and angry.

Have picked up a beautiful girlfriend named lauren.

Have been introduced to more party drugs than what you can poke a stick at - hey, they're fun in moderation... Right??

Have still been living out of home, enjoying it still - had a couple of weeks off work, which was great, spent a week with lauren and a week by myself, which was cool indeed, first time in 5 years i've had time off and had nothing really to do.

Went to Future Music Festival, had a blast, awesome DJ's there.

Went to BDO - had a blast there too, another one to remember, for good and bad reasons.

Went skydiving with lauren, had an AWESOME time there, it was wicked - i recommend it to all of you. If any of you are interested and wish to see me jump out of a plane, there is a link (broadband connections only) - http://www.realxstream.com?XStreamID=3295

Spent the christmas break working - have changed roles in the same place i was before, now i'm Music/DVD sales manager, as well as Entertainment manager too - so i get to look after all the TV/Hi-Fi and Home Theatre stuff too! (Pretty fun, alot of work though).

Did i mention i had a fantastic and beautiful girlfriend now (sorry, can't get over it!)

Been having the time of my life in general, and really liking what life is giving me.

Went to Ellerston (See: Kerry Packer's Rural Property) for my sister's 30th birthday (yes, i know - old...) Had a great time and saw some wicked things.

Had a grading match for Sutherland Indoor Cricket Rep sides, which i performed really well in - Go Team!!! I think i'll be starting off in 4th grade, and moving up to 2nd's or 3rd's within the first 4 weeks (you can shuffle around and after that be set into the rest of the comp in a side).

Jason is going to move out of our house, which is cool - so we'll soon be having someone else move in, another adventure no doubt!!!

Looking forward to the new challenges that lie ahead, in work, rest & play.

How Y'all doin?

ur friend... - Ryan
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Current Music:Pendulum - Fasten Your Seatbelt
Subject:It kind of counts for an entry....
Time:12:03 am
Current Mood:happyhappy
Take the quiz:
what kind of drug are you? (includes pictures)

you are cocaine. addictive, expensive and confident.

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Current Music:Chopper (The Movie)(AGAIN)
Time:05:10 pm
Current Mood:happyhappy
Well i know that it is a while, but i also know that i keep this journal mainly for my own amusement and reflection, and thus, most of you won't care at all. This is the story.

The last 4 weeks i've been working as the receiving, warehouse and dispatch manager at the new powerhouse that work is building at campbelltown, in the macarthur square extension. It will be open on the 21st of this month.
Because of this i've been working my ass off and justly - feeling so tired its not funny alot of the time.

Jason's been partying on heaps, and i feel like i've been missing it a bit, but when it comes to non-essential partying (like when he has been going to club blink on friday nights, when i have been stuffed, and thought it better to stay and sleep.. Oh how i miss my sleep.

Last friday just happens to be one of my best friends, and most gorgeous girls OF ALL TIME's BIRTHDAYYYYYYYY!
Lisa organised all her best friends (the boys included) to all go out for her birthday to kings cross, the saphire lounge. So jason, myself and Jen all got glammed up, we were ready really early (for a change!) and waited for mishella and Lee to get here, which they did, jason and i made ourselves up some nicely alcoholic travellers, and after grabbing fuel we drove to the 24 hr station for parking in the cross, and then commenced out to the street.

As soon as we got half way down to the road and Lauren starts running over to me (cheeky little girl) and gave me mad hugs, she and her gorgeous friend Renee were out clubbing at Le Panic, we caught up with them later on.

I turned around and i was like "OH MY GOD!" - Lisa, the princess, was smiling at us all and we made our way over, more aesome cuddles were had, she looked like a princess, so gorgeous it wasn't funny, i swear.
We headed to Saphire lounge, and got in, hung out with lisa and all her friends for a while, had some drinks, a bit of a cheeky talk with some girls and a dance.
An hour or so later lauren called me finding out where we were, she and renee came down, and we got them in, soon after she'd popped a orange mitsa in my mouth and half an hour after that i was dancing with everyone, hugging and loving life.

Lisa ended up crying outside, and i don't know if my off chops talk had anything in it to cheer her up, but i know that unlike when you're drunk you are sincere when off head, and i truly meant everything i did say. Lisa, you ARE gorgeous, you ARE stunning, you ARE beautiful, sincere, honest, lovely, great to talk to and over all, one of the best friends i will ever have. FOR LIFE.

We bid lisa & co farewell, and we headed down to the Club known as Blink - during our quick stay we heard some awesome music, my fave tool song - 46 & 2, i was loving life.. again.

Lauren & Renee left, they called me and they were driving home, asked me if jason and i wanted to come - so they picked me up - jason's biggest regret is not coming, Renee's favourite band & jason's is the same, she sang every lyric to the incubus dvd i put on when we got here, then Renee left, and lauren and i soon after went to bed, i forgot how great it is snuggling up with ur chick mates in bed.

The next day we had a bit of a sleep in from 6am to 10am!!! We were up for a while, drove out and saw the gorgeous mishella, she wasn't feeling that well after the night before's activities... Can't blame her but.
I was feeling rotten, after having a steak sandwich we drove to where Jason's brother's car was, we had to pick up some parts, and left him to replace the ball bearings for his wheel that were fucked.

We got back here and chilled out, i went to sleep, because all day i'd been so scattered it wasn't funny, ended up watching a bit of chopper and then heading back to sleep, lauren came over again at about 6am because she didn't want to go home peaking off chops (she backed up saturday night too) and so i got up and let her get to sleep. We got up at about midday, and spent the afternoon hanging around here, driving to my folks house, having pizza, and sunbaking a bit, and now we're just waiting for Mishella and Lee to come back here with lee's camera so i can get the pics from friday night, we should have dinner & coffee i think.

So thats my weekend so far.. Hope every weekend from now on is as fun.

Love you all, even those i don't get to see all that often, and i promise that i won't be so busy and to neglect the livejournal so much.

Ps. Christina - it was awesome hearing from you, i'm glad everything is wonderful again. *Hugs & Kisses*

Ryz Out.
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Current Music:Some shit R&B adam's playing
Subject:As requested by Madz
Time:08:37 pm
Current Mood:tiredtired
Three Names You Go By:
1. Ryan
2. Ryzie
3. Fryzie

Three Parts Of Your Heritage:
1. German
2. English
3. I don't know of a third

Three Things That Scare You:
1. Not having someone love me as much as i love them (when appropriate)

Three Of Your Everyday Essentials:
1. Deoderant
2. Cigarettes
3. Boxer Shorts

Three Things You Are Wearing Right Now:
1. My Southside Rockets #4 Basketball Jersey
2. Taz Devil Boxer shorts
3. 12mm flesh tunnels in both ears

Three Of Your Favorite Bands Or Musical Artists:
1. Tool
2. Kanye West
3. Savage

Three of Your Favorite Songs - At The Moment:
1. Gold Digger - Kanye West
2. Live For This - Hatebreed
3. Dave's "Nursery Rhyme Concerto"

Three Things You Want In A Relationship:
1. A true friend
2. Who doesn't want to change me but lets me grow in only the best ways
3. That has total confidence and understanding in my ability.

Two Truths And A Lie:
1. I have 2 nipple piercings
2. I can only bench press half my weight
3. I used to date Delta Goodrem when i was 17

Three Physical Things About The Opposite Sex That Appeal To You:
1. Laugh
2. Smile
3. Lips

1. Are my bro's
2. Sometimes have pms
3. Are very messy to live with

1. Always have boyfriends when i'm after them
2. are most of my best friends??
3. Are the best to talk to when they laugh i can't help but melt

Three Of Your Favorite Hobbies:
1. Drinking
2. Pool
3. Drinking

Three Things You Want To Do Really Badly Right Now:
1. Hang out with Christine or at least talk with her
2. Get hammered & not work tomorrow
3. Have a pre-announcement list of the big day out lineup emailed to me

Three Places You Want To Go On Vacation:
1. Portsmouth
2. Perth
3. Los Angeles

Three Things You Want To Do Before You Die:
1. Leave a legacy of some sort.
2. Record an album
3. Get married

Three Ways That You Are Stereotypically A Guy:
1. I'll drink, any alchol, any time, any way, because i can drink more than you.
2. I'm not afraid of trying things twice, even if i know full well i'll be hurt doing them.
3. I won't back down when I think i'm right. Ever.
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Subject:Meme Sheeping
Time:11:32 am
Current Mood:sleepysleepy
The Ultimate LiveJournal Obsession Test
CategoryYour ScoreAverage LJer
Community Attachment31.18%
There's something special about you. Every once in awhile, one of your topics gets everyone chatting.
Only trendy when it's sufficiently entertaining
Original Content54.84%
Using LiveJournal to express a few strong opinions
Psychodrama Quotient15.66%
Had a comment taken out of context once or twice
Attention Whoring27.27%
You do a little dance whenever someone friends you
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Current Music:Nothing
Subject:Ryan's 23rd Birthday Party
Time:12:31 pm
Current Mood:rejuvenatedrejuvenated
Just a quick update to invite you all to my birthday party.

It will be on the 8th of October, at my house (in revesby) - plenty of drinks, music, what have you, if anyone wants to come just post back - i'd like to see lots of you there because i don't get to catch up with you all, often at all!

Let me know if you're interested & i'll make some firmer arrangements with you all shortly!

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